Aberdeenshire Council Recycling centre permits

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Aberdeenshire Council Recycling centre permits

Recycling centre permits

You are not currently able to apply for a permit. We will update this page with more information about how to apply in the future.

In 2020, we will be introducing recycling centre permits. This means that householders using vans, pick-up trucks, minibuses or trailers will need a permit to use recycling centres.

The permits will be free and need to be applied for.

No permit is required for cars, estate cars, people carriers, MPVs or 4x4s, unless they tow a trailer or a horse box.

Under the new scheme householders can no longer use commercial vehicles, vehicles over 3.5 tonnes or with more than 4 wheels, tippers, plant vehicles and trailers over 6 by 8ft (1.9 by 2.5m) in size for taking materials to recycling centres.

Recycling centre permits infographics with carsThe new scheme will help create space for more recyclable materials at recycling centers by preventing businesses from using recycling centers.

Why we are introducing permits

The permits are being introduced to move business waste away from recycling centres. This will allow centres to create more space for new recyclable materials, improving the service for householders.

Some businesses currently take their waste to the household recycling centres free of charge. The cost of disposing of business waste taken to recycling centres is significant (estimated at £0.5 million per year) and is paid for by taxpayers. The new permit scheme is one of the measures to prevent this from happening.

Businesses can instead use the council’s waste transfer stations, where they will pay by weight for their recycling and non-recyclable waste.

How the permits will work

It is not possible to apply for permits yet – we will let you know when we start accepting applications.

You will be able to apply for permits any time of the year online or by picking up an application form from a recycling centre and returning it by post. A set of 24 permits per year will be given per household. One permit allows one visit to a recycling centre. The permits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Only one set is given per household, meaning that if you have more than one vehicle needing a permit you will have to decide which vehicle you want to have a permit.

Community groups can apply for a community group permit, which will allow anybody holding the permit to access a recycling centre, if the vehicle is allowed.

The permits can be used at any of 15 recycling centres run by the council.

P.S. Next week may open in Peterhead. After 2-3 weeks we can start throw away construction waste

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